My First Fan Letter to Veranda!

Dear Veranda,

I’m not a good man when I have to communicate with a girl. That’s why, yesterday when I met you in the handshake event, I only can congratulate you when you chosen as senbatsu member, 3 times in a row.

I don’t know what happen in my brain that time. It was my 2nd handshake event with you, and I have no idea why I ruined that precious 10 second. In RIVER handshake event, I’ve done it very well. If you remembered it, I was the one who using the white striped shirt and ask you about your Google+ account.

Well, actually there’s a lot of thing that I want to say to you.
First, congratulation for your position in Kagami no Naka no Joan D’Arc! Well, I voted you once in Tenshi no Shippo but I think it wasn’t enough to beat the fans who want to see you as a warrior in Kagami. But when I see the line-up, you will perform along with ur bestfriend Captain Kinal, the Tsundere Dhike, the TsuNaomi, and Frieska, I know it’s gonna be the best Kagami that I’ve ever see! I applied for 4 shows, but my luck wasn’t enough to see you live on stage. So I’m gonna watch it in Trans7 instead :p

And, thanks for inspiring me.

You told us that you were a very shy person before you entering JKT48. So do I. The only reason why I support you is I want to be like you. Not as an idol, of course. But, I want to show the world that I can reach success with my own way. As an individualist person, it’s pretty hard to work together with people around me. But hey, it doesn’t mean I can’t cooperate with them. I just need more time to adapting. It’s quite hard, and even let me down sometimes.

But then, your name crossed my mind. And I just think to myself, (what a wonderful worl… *oops :D) if Veranda can do it, why am I supposed to stop? That moment, I will feel like recharged. Sounds weird, right? But, believe it or not, it really happens. Miracle does happen.

Until now, unfortunately I still haven’t watched your performance in theater. It’s pretty hard to get the ticket, by the way. I only managed to get through Boku no Taiyou show, once in September 4th. The last time I saw your live performance was in “Perkenalkan, Nama Kami JKT48” concert, in show 2 when you performed Junjou Shugi along with Dhike & Stella. It makes me addicted, though. I promise, I’m gonna watch you in theater, someday. Please, wait for me, ok? ;)

Now, you’re on the right way to become a top member in JKT48. The way to there won’t be easy, I know. Watch out, there will be a lot of obstacles to prevent you to get your dream. But, keep the faith. When you’re down, just remember this. There are a lot of your fans out there, who choose you as their inspiration. We all have the same mission, success in our own way.

Now, I’m on progress to entering Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Sahid through scholarship program. Wish me luck!

Good luck for you and be a good idol, ok? =)