My Lovely Class....

5:42 PM 12/24/2011

Dedicated to my lovely Rovellers 2011/2012

Good night, readers...
Udah lama banget gue gak update blog ini... hehehehehe

Kali ini gue mau posting tentang kelas gue sekarang. Gue sejak bulan Juni 2010 kemarin, resmi jadi salah satu siswa SMKN 27 Jakarta, gue ambil jurusan Tourist Industry. *prokprokprok* :D

Dear @AAndrieza :)

Dear my @AAndrieza,

Maybe, I can't be the perfect ones for you...

I'm not a handsome boy. I can't treat you like the other boys treat his girls.

But, all I know is, I have my own love.
And, that's what I want to share with you. :)

Thanks for this amazing 3 months, dear. :)

I Love You, Aryani Andrieza. :*