JKT48 Papan Penanda Isi Hati Handshake Festival

Well, hello again. It's been a while since my last handshake event festival. I missed the last event, Gingham Check Handshake Festival, since I have to attended the internal selection for my internship program and I invited by Auto Bild Indonesia for their Exotic Car Sensation event.

No regrets, though. I only bought 1 ticket for Jessica Veranda and the venue is quite hard to reach by public transportation. I kept the ticket, anyway. ;)

And then, the news came about Kokoro no Placard Handshake Event will be held in December 7th at Istora Senayan. 
Whoa. The last handshake event was in October 4th. It means both events only separated by 2 months. The time interval was too short. Yes, it also happened last year, but I didn't expected the same condition will happened again this year.

I almost decided I won't go to the handshake event.

Anywaaay, I found myself at Istora Senayan yesterday. Yes, I decided to go to the event. The decision came in a very last minute, I called my friend to bought me 1 ticket of the first session of Jessica Veranda.

I arrived at about 09:40 am, there's a lot of people already lining up in front of the gate. We also have Jakcloth and some festivals around, so I expecting this area will be very crowded.

When we arrived at 10:00 am, there's no sign that the gate will be opened soon. No comment for this. Y'all know about their on-time performance, right?
The gate was opened at 10:20 am, after proceeded the body check, we immediately went to the registration line. Since we were among the first who entering the venue, we found no difficulties in registration line. Yeay.
And this is the most important part. Yes, the handshake session itself. I tried not to worry about it, but I can't. This is my 7th time I do my handshake with Veranda. I can handle this. Phew.
I was a bit surprised when I and Radit found out that we were the first three fans who lined up in Veranda's line.
My first words when I saw her is, "My goodness!" Damn, she's just more beautiful than usual. Goddess wanna-be. I know, you're probably get bored when I talked about how beautiful Veranda is. In that 10 seconds, I talked about my impression of her when I got the chance to watch my first show of Dareka no Tameni. I praised her for the Shinkirou and Adyth performances, which is the songs that I enjoy the most in entire show. Yes, Veranda, I'll watch your performance again next time. See you on the new setlist! ^_^/
After that, I have no tickets to spend and Radit will went back to handshake area in 3rd session. So, we decided to explore the venue first. After locating the main stage and its entrance, we went to merchandise area to buy some photopack.

No, I don't buy any photopack. Radit bought one pack of it anyway, just to try his luck.

So far, this is the best venue for handshake festival. Easy access, check. Wide range of food and beverage choices, check. Huge parking area, check. And most importantly, the air circulation worked very well on this venue, at least in the main hall, unlike the one at Kartika Expo Center.

They separated the handshake area and the main stage. They arranged the handshake lines inside the Kenanga room and the main stage in the main hall. For me, this is a brilliant idea. So, those who wanna see the performance on the stage can reach it quickly without any hassle from the handshake lines. And yes, the noise from the stage can't distracted your conversation with your chosen one anymore. :p

The most disappointing thing for me is the handshake booth design. Yes, I already saw it from the report from the last handshake event, but when I tried it for the first time, urgh, it's terrible. I didn't feel the privacy and intimacy that I experienced from previous handshake event. It feels like there's a big, very big barrier between me and Veranda that time. And I don't like to be seen by many people when I interacting with my idol. That's why I choose the handshake event above any other fan-service offered by JKT48.

So, honestly I want JOT to bring back the old booth design. Yes, I know it's one of your preventive action since the incident in Japan and it will put your member into vulnerable position if there's something bad happened inside the booth. But, I'm personally sure that the chance that the same incident happened here is very low. We come to the event for having fun, not for killing somebody. We'll try our best to keep the members safe. We love 'em, so I think that hurting them is useless.

Overall, I enjoyed every single moment in this event. There's a lot of improvement since my last handshake event. Bravo!

Veranda, 1st session costume.

I know it's hard to arrange the stage schedule and matching it with every member's schedule. But I do love to see Veranda more often on the stage. Will ya? =]