The Wars (One of Our's Freaky Stories)

   We made this just for fun. Maybe you can take a laugh from this. :D

Long time ago, they were live some village in China. The village had a leader named Liu Chen. Liu Chen had arch enemy named Tokoguwa. Tokoguwa came form far away land to conquer the land which led by Liu Chen. Tokuguwa had a great warrior called Hanzo Hattori. He was a ninja from Iga, the best one. But Liu Chen also had 3 great warriors named A Cheng, A Chung, and Chung Gai.

    Someday Tokoguwa seen Liu Chen who had washed in thje river and Tokoguwa slained him. A Cheng, A Chung, and CHung Gai who had knew the news, planned to revenged with Tokoguwa but stopped by Hanzo Hattori and then they fought. While A Cheng, A Chung, and Chung Gai had killed Hanzo Hattori with their plan, Tokoguwa had panic because that news. After that, he met Doratemon and his bodyguard Nopita in a flight from Tokyo. And then Tokoguwa ask Doratemon and Nopita to recover to their army.

    The news also spread out through KasKus all over the world. A Cheng, A Chung, and Chung Gai had past away magically by Doratemon. The news also spread into Middle East, Nusantara, USA and then the Indonesian hero comes to hold Liu Chen's village, he is Wisnu. Finally Wisnu came with his favourite ride, Garuda Indonesia. Wisnu also attacked Doratemon and Nopita army and ends the war. Tokoguwa was desperated because his army were destroyed by Wisnu and Garuda, he suicided himself by drunk poisoning liquid. When the wars end, Wisnu has called his bestfriend Superman & Al-Qaeda troops. But the wars had end, it triggered the rage of Superman & Al-Qaeda troops. Wisnu and Garuda had died because of the sabotage from Superman cs. 

    When the wars are finally finished, the Superman & Al-Qaeda army celebrate their victory. But when they celebrate it, there's a bomb exploded by Amrozi, and Amrozi the only one who survive. Finally Amrozi elected to be a leader of Liu Chen's village, and they lived happily ever after....